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I am a full stack software developer with a proven ability to work constructively and cohesively in dynamic teams of varying sizes. I am currently working as a developer intern for Beezwax Datatools, building custom FileMaker applications. I have experience as a Software Engineer Fellow at Qwasar Silicon Valley, a student software engineer at Watch And Code, and as a contributor to the devtools/debugger of Mozilla Firefox Web Browser. For the first fifteen years of my career I worked as an orchestral musician (French Horn) performing with orchestras across the United States. More about my musical background and transition into tech can be found in this Otia feature article. When I'm not studying code, I enjoy brewing beer, reading, movies, camping and distance running.


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Tandem - Trivia Game

A fun multiple choice trivia game built with Ruby On Rails. Tandem supplied a JSON file with questions and multiple choice answers, but the app is built for flexibility to allow substitute data.

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Recreating Tetris was a really fun way to learn about game architecture, while also focusing on the fundamentals of modern Javascript. Inspired by the work of Michael Karén, my Tetris also includes sound effects, background music, and the ability to swap pieces in/out to a 'hold' box.

Live Demo - Test Your Skill!

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Shopify - OMDB API Query

Users can search the OMDB database for their favorite movies, and nominate up to five for a Shoppie award. The OMDB API allows for query by specific id/title, as well as a broader query by string matching each word in a title (returning the first ten results). The nominations are stored in a database (PostgreSQL for Heroku deploy), using jsonb to store a hash (the result of the OMDB title query) on each nomination record.

Live Demo - Nominate Some Films!

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A group of small projects completed in order to understand SQL and databases, specifically related to building web apps using Ruby on Rails.

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my_ls my_ls behaves similarly to the linux ls command. Files are stored in a linked list and organized using merge-sort. It was built as part of a series of exercises to learn C and linux programming.

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JS Array Methods

My versions of the native JS array methods built from scratch, using a simple testing framework. This was a fantastic way to practice TDD while familiarizing myself with the basics of Javascript.

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Software Engineer Fellow - Qwasar Silicon Valley (2019 - Present)

Working both individually and as part of a small team, I built many projects using numerous languages and frameworks, with a constant focus on the fundamentals of software engineering and architecture. I gave and recieved numerous peer code reviews, and made presentations to colleagues about specific concepts or previously completed projects.

Open Source Contributor - Mozilla Firefox (2019)

As a contributor to the devtools/debugger of Mozilla Firefox Web Browser, my code was reviewed and accepted by Mozilla engineers. I learned to digest and contribute to a large, complex modern Javascript codebase (React & Redux), worked with Mercurial (version control), and tools/libraries such as Flow and Codemirror. I also wrote unit tests for my code using Jest and Mochitest frameworks.

Student Software Engineer - Watch & Code (2018 - 2019)

Learned core concepts of software engineering, primarily by reading open source codebases. Projects include removing jQuery from a todo list so that it's just plain JavaScript, modifying a simple testing framework, replicating the native JS Array methods from scratch using Test Driven Development, and creating a library loading system.